Premium Business Card

Premium Business Cards
Business cards remain an essential marketing tool to share your business contact with your potential clients. 

Available in:
1. 0.4mm Frosted Card - Single/Double-side Printing
2. 300gsm Foil with Gloss Lamination - Double-side Printing
3. 300gsm Textured Artcard - Single/Double-side Printing
4. 225gsm Translucent Card - Single/Double-side Printing
5. 125gsm PVC Micron - Single/Double-side Printing
6. 220gsm Conqueror Laid - Single/Double-side Printing
7. 270gsm Sensation Gloss Tradition Bright White - Single/Double-side Printing
8. 225gsm Transparent Card - Single-side Printing

Standard Size       : 90mm x 54mm 
Bleed Size            : 94mm x 58mm 
Lead Time            : 3-5 working days 

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Total : 42.00
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